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BpTRU® Accessories, Supplies and Parts

BpTRU offers a wide range of accessories, supplies and replacement parts needed for smooth and uninterrupted operation of your BpTRU machines. To order, please contact our sales department by email or by phone: 215-699-1700.


Blood Pressure Accessories and Supplies

BPM-100-09 Child Cuff Assembly
(includes neoprene bladder, nylon cuff and connector)
BPM-100-10 Small Adult Cuff Assembly
(includes neoprene bladder, nylon cuff and connector)
BPM-100-11 Regular Adult Cuff Assembly
(includes neoprene bladder, nylon cuff and connector)
BPM-100-12 Large Adult Cuff Assembly
(includes neoprene bladder, nylon cuff and connector)
BPM-100-13 Extra Large Adult Cuff Assembly
(includes neoprene bladder, nylon cuff and connector)

Coiled Neoprene Tubing
(includes connectors)

CAL-001-01 NIBP Reference Calibration Check Card and T-Connector


Mounting Accessories and Supplies

BPM-100-40 Wall Mount Bracket Assembly for BPM-100 model
BPM-300-40 Bracket Assembly for BPM-300 model (wall mount or table-top)
BPM-300-41 Mobile Stand C-Clamp
BPM-300-42 Temperature Probe Cover Bracket
BPM-300-43 Blood Pressure Cuff Bracket
BPM-300-45 BpTRU Mobile Stand Unit includes:
Mobile Stand
Large Basket
Pole and Base Assembly
Recommended for BPM-300 Model Only

Miscellaneous Supplies

BPM-100-30 Power Supply, North America, 120V, 60HZ
For BPM-100 Model Only
BPM-100-31 Power Supply, United Kingdom, 230V, 50Hz
For BPM-100 Model Only

Power Supply, 230V, 50Hz, Continental Europe, Euro Plug
For BPM-100 Model Only

Power Supply, 230V, 50Hz, Australia
For BPM-100 Model Only


To order any of these products or accessories, please contact Ancillare's Sales Department:

    E-mail: sales@ancillare.com
    Phone: 215-699-1700


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Clinically Proven Accuracy

"The use of a single measurement to define
a patient's blood pressure would over diagnose
hypertension in 20% - 30% of the population
and miss a third who are truly hypertensive."

Mcalister, F.A. et al,
BMJ 2001; 322; 908-911

"The BpTRU ... increases the accuracy of BP measurements by reducing the observer errors
such as digit bias, zero preference, incorrect deflation rates and failure to perform multiple BP measurements."

Graves, J.W. et al,
journal of Human Hypertension 2003, 17 823-827


Choosing the BpTRU over Mercury

Studies have shown that:

» Both aneroid and Mercury devices are often significantly out of calibration
» Many are used in situations without a maintenance or calibration protocol
» Observer bias remains a general problem
» Mercury is a known environmental risk that is being phased out in most jurisdictions

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