A Complete, Compliant, and Cost-Effective Study Close-Out

Reconciliation of Records
Ancillare will reconcile the returns budget that was provided to you as part of your customized Ancillare Supply Plan (ASP) during start-up. We’ll also provide recommendations for addressing any supplies and equipment that may remain on-site. Records and reports are thoroughly reviewed and prepared to achieve full compliance with the Sunshine Act reporting requirements.

Final Materials Disposition
In accordance with the Reclamation and Material Disposition plans, as well as the Sunshine Act and other applicable regulations, Ancillare finalizes liquidation of overstocked clinical and ancillary supplies. Our white glove approach helps sites return to their pre-study state without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Supply Chain Review of Data & Results
By now, you’ve already seen how your Ancillare Professional Team, or APT™, works closely with your global trial manager, investigators and site teams to adhere to SOPs and remain compliant with global and local reporting requirements. APT will be on-hand to verify study data and results in context of your study’s Ancillary Supply Plan. We’ll work to identify and reconcile data discrepancies in order to preempt any potential non-compliance issues, and enable your organization to advance to the next phase of its business or research objectives.


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