Worldwide Material Disposition

Site-by-Site Consulting
Ancillare’s logistics capabilities extend to over 100 countries, covering 98.7% of investigator sites worldwide. As your trial approaches its close-out phase, we’ll communicate with every participating site to understand its unique inventory and regulatory challenges.

White Glove Reverse Logistics
As the trial proceeds to close-out status, Ancillare will provide white glove removal and hauling service for each and every site with disposable materials. Our team will personally remove every item in a safe, compliant manner, in accordance with the disposition plan and applicable law, and take steps to minimize disruption of site staff.

Disposition Planning
Neither equipment nor clinical or ancillary supplies are disposed of before you’ve approved the plan for their destruction. Once we’ve tabulated and inventoried all excess stock, and segmented what needs to be disposed of, our country-specific waste management experts begin to coordinate and schedule disposal.

Ancillary Overstock Valuation
When it comes to excess stock, we never assume disposition is the best solution. We first conduct a piece-by-piece cost-benefit analysis to determine whether salvage makes business sense. You can rest assured disposition is a last resort and that nothing of value will be lost in the process.

Final Inventories & Accounting
We tabulate and calculate inventories on a site-by-site basis consulting face-to-face or remotely with investigators and site staff to determine what’s left on-hand, and what needs to be disposed. Calculations to determine disposal needs are based on the evaluation of inventory condition, results of a cost-benefit analysis, as well as the risks of disposal.

Disposition Documentation & Legal Compliance
Ancillare believes transparency, risk management, and compliance are part and parcel to a successful disposition plan. That’s why we operate in full compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, as well as global and local ordinances. Complete and final records of disposition are always provided at the conclusion of disposition, and reported to governing bodies as required by law.


Want white glove service to safely and legally dispose of excess supply?

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