We Take the Guesswork Out of In-Study Clinical and Ancillary Supply

Import/Export Subject Matter Expertise
Ancillare gets what your trial needs to the places it needs to go, minimizing both the clinical and financial risks associated with clinical supply and equipment management. In addition to keeping a watchful eye on hazard and recall notices, we manage OEM contracts and provide spare parts inventories to ensure fast, effective care for a wide range of needs all over the world.

Ongoing Sourcing & Procurement
Ancillare provides independent and objective consultation to help you make sound procurement decisions. The result is assurance that a new purchase supports long-term patient care goals and ensures quality outcomes while remaining cost-effective.

Multisite Depot Inventory Management
Ancillare assists in analyzing the costs and useful life of current equipment versus the benefits of investing in new systems and overall patient care goals. Ancillare knows that equipment downtime, or inventory shortages, can mean expensive delays.

Our proactive approach to maintenance focuses on minimizing downtime, reducing associated costs, and ensuring sites stay supplied adequately.

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
Active study maintenance is Ancillare’s philosophy. We ensure sites remain compliant with global regulatory standards, and help sites avoid non-compliance with the Environment of Care Standards and any subsequent contingencies.


Want a more balanced approach to clinical and ancillary supply?

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