Reduce or Eliminate Clinical Waste

Preparing Clinical and Ancillary Supply Overstock

For Return: We’ll ensure any rented equipment meets the supplier acceptable return condition policies, and arrange for pickup and comprehensive returns processing.

For In-Country Donation: A charitable approach to Reclamation creates goodwill and trust among sponsors and local publics, and supports a positive brand image. In some cases, tax benefits can also be realized.

For Reuse: If you anticipate conducting another clinical trial in the same geography in the near future, it may make the most business sense to redistribute usable overstock in preparation, wherever it isn’t expressly prohibited by law or good clinical practices.

For Storage: When your next trial hasn’t reached its start-up phase, or you anticipate holding down a long-term operating footprint in the same geography, certain clinical and ancillary supplies can be stored for later use. Storage can drastically offset future research costs, months, or even years down the road.

For Refurbishment: Our experts will help you identify which items could benefit from expert repair in order to meet the minimum standards for sale, donation, or reuse.

For Recalibration: We’ll help ensure any equipment or clinical and ancillary instruments which are used for measurement, and are sufficiently valuable, are recalibrated to ensure future data integrity.

For Destruction: When all else fails, we’ll help your organization create a material disposition plan to offload waste (see Disposition).

Legal Compliance & Reclamation Documentation

Ancillare believes transparency, risk management, and compliance are part and parcel to a successful Reclamation plan. That’s why we operate in full compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, as well as global regulations and local ordinances. Complete and final records of Reclamation are always provided at the conclusion of the Reclamation process, and reported to governing bodies as required by law.


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