Comprehensive Study Start-Up Services

Protocol Review & Analysis
The first step to Ancillare’s effective and efficient clinical and ancillary supply program is your study’s protocol. After a thorough protocol analysis, Ancillare creates your personalized Ancillare Supply Plan (ASP), in conjunction with your team.

Ancillare Supply Plan
Planning each aspect of your unique clinical study is the key to a successful Clinical and Ancillary Supply Chain Management program. Using your trial’s protocol, Ancillare creates demand analysis and forecasts, logistics plans, usage plans and final returns and disposition programs for the duration of the protocol, allowing you to engage sites early on to ensure sustained enrollment.

Global Storage & Distribution
With four master depots in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and more than 15 strategic depots around the world, Ancillare has the capabilities and reach to meet your distribution and storage needs. Our expertise extends to handling documentation for more than 100 countries, managing import taxes and fee reporting for international shipments, and developing contingency plans to mitigate risk.

Kitting & Translations
Ancillare provides on-demand custom kit assembly and storage as well as fulfillment services for flexible distribution of materials, including specialized labeling to meet your protocol requirements and local regulations. Translation services are also available. Ancillare will re-supply investigator sites as needed, store kits for the duration of the protocol and the enrollment period, and maintain appropriate inventories to accommodate the rate of patient enrollment at each site.

Ancillare’s strategic print program ensures your manuals, handouts, and materials are available from the moment of study start-up and site initiation.
Translations are available for all investigator and patient materials, including equipment manuals.

Labeling & De-labeling
When you need materials to be labeled for investigators and patients, Ancillare’s labeling services offer flexibility and reduce costs, simplifying the delivery of the clinical research information and supplies needed to conquer your study. Ancillare’s labeling processes allow us to stage, produce, inspect, store, and consolidate products for investigators and for patients, as well as to monitor kits for expiry dates throughout the duration of the protocol.

Expert Sourcing & Procurement
Monitoring the activity of manufacturers and service providers is a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive task. Your trial will benefit from Ancillare’s extensive global buying network and our shipping and logistics expertise to over 98% of global investigator site locations. Thanks to our standing and experience in the clinical world, we’re able to negotiate better rates and faster fulfillment of services, all while requiring fewer resources and a smaller total investment.

Cost Management
With A-TKO, your study’s bottom line will benefit from Ancillare’s long-established relationships with an extended network of reliable, trusted waste management professionals. Your trial will benefit from Ancillare’s global buying network and our shipping and logistics expertise to over 98% of global investigator site locations.


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